Can’t take it today

My BS detector is wide open and I’m picking up the odor from nearly all directions. From those who want to defend the laws protecting people who prejudge potential customers to others who want to deny that the climate is changing, to those who HAVE to make the stupidest arguments with regards to sexism, sexuality, and media.

Got my tail tweaked by a link to post suggesting that “what’s wrong with SF today” is that everything is some progressive analogy… which is a load of fucking hooey. This is why I’m increasingly glad I’m not part of any organized “community.” It seems to me that the function of such things is to produce bullshit in ever increasing amounts.

Sales of SF and fantasy book titles may be decreasing. At the same time such titles are exploding in the box office. Oh, they may not be as expansive as you might like. There are a thousand titles I can think of that would make great movies. But even so…

People are reading less. That’s just a fact. And when a minority reads for pleasure, all the authors out there are pretty much competing for the same readers. What are you bringing to the table that’s new and original?

I didn’t like this particular post because though he alluded to all these cases where “the sword-swinging warriors were actually the invaders of peaceful Dragon Land” and such, he never actually offered EXAMPLES of same. I can tell you, I’ve never read anything of the kind, and if it exists, it’s certainly not indicative of a goddamn TREND.

Maybe being a writer is as much about sniveling that you’re not being bought and read as anything these days. I could join the chorus. “Oh, it’s my politics. People don’t buy my stuff because they don’t like my politics.” Or “I don’t pander to a certain audience (pick your audience) therefore I’m being picked on.”

Did that sound convincing?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about “Political correctness” stifling free speech. Maher’s whined about it. Larry Wilkerson has whined about it. Here’s my observation. You can say anything you like. But if you piss off too many people, they WILL come and yell at you. A lot. This is not curtailing YOUR right of free speech… as much as you’d like to whine that it is.

The most feminist thing I ever read was a series by Gael Baudino, who frankly, makes Margaret Atwood look like a Mens Rights Advocate. One of hers is the only series I can think of in which the dragons might beoppressed and the bad guys are the sword-swinging men.

More or less. The guy makes it sound like this is every other book/story being written these days. If he thinks so all I have to say is that he’s reading the wrong damn things. And maybe, occasionally, reading too much into things. Not everything is symbolic of anything else, regardless of what your literature teacher tried to tell you. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Gael Baudino, for those who don’t know, is a lesbian Dianic Wiccan Priestess out of Denver who writes fantasy on the side. Some dark ass fantasy too, filled with very real historical horrors transplanted into a fantasy realm. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of patience for those whining about how men are portrayed by some of these women. Sniveling doesn’t impress me much.

When I was younger I dreamed of great success. Now I’m happy if people read my books and enjoy them. I’m not trying to win any awards, or impress people with my expression of my political ideals in my books. (You’ll find that politics varies greatly between characters–what one character might advocate another would find horrific).

I thought back, tried to recall the more popular fantasy series of the past few years. Can’t say I’m really up on the SF, given that I’m thrilled when a new Bujold Vorkosigan Saga book drops, but pay little attention otherwise… and it’s not as though SF has been reluctant to tackle uncomfortable (for some) subjects all along.

In fantasy I find myself thinking of Dresden, and Game of Thrones, and maybe Patty Briggs’ Mercy Thompson novels. The urban fantasy and young adult stuff that’s come out with such a bang lately. Stuff vaguely similar to the stuff I write.

I’m still not sure what THE FUCK this dude was talking about. Yes, people have stopped reading SF and Fantasy because the spaceship or barbarian on the cover is falsely advertising adventure and giving people thoughtful social commentary instead.


I’m currently waiting for the next installment of Sanderson’s “Mistborn” series.

Maybe he’s talking YA here. You know, like Tamora Pierce’s books. Maybe he’s referring to the revolution of the slaves in her “Trickster’s Choice” and “Trickster’s Queen” duology.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m reaching. I have to, since he offered no examples. When this landed in front of me and I read it I was left genuinely annoyed by it. And you all know me. I don’t hide my annoyance very well.

Seriously.. this dude needs to read more. Or different things. Or SOMETHING.