Ah, quit your bitchin.’

I’m tired of people bitching about the Democrats.

Some 30 years ago the wingnuts decided the Republican Party wasn’t actually representing their interests and set about infiltrating the party and setting up their own political machine inside of it. This culminated eventually in the Tea Party. The ACTUAL people in charge of the Republican party want to USE the culture warriors–they don’t want them to be calling the shots. They weren’t exactly given a choice.

Instead of doing something similar, “progressives” fled the Democratic Party because it wasn’t good enough, and then bitched because the party wasn’t progressive enough. Every day nearly a hundred members of the progressive caucus go to work and fight for the little folks, but they don’t get interviewed very often. In fact the media only usually approaches a single one of their number… Bernie Sanders.

If you think the Democratic Party isn’t good enough, the person to blame stares out of your mirror every morning.

The progressive caucus could use a bit of help. As much as we can give it. Which is why we should be trying to elect more progressive Dems, not wasting our energy throwing poop at a party we’ve had a hand in making less capable.

If you’re bitching without proposing a solution or resolution, you’re just whining.