Stop saying “Freedom of Speech” if you don’t even know what IT MEANS.

You know, I really wanted to give the Nightly Show a chance. And I did. But last night’s show just pissed me off. For all his talk about “keeping it 100” he allowed the rightwingers last night to compare social backlash for unpopular speech to passing laws restricting freedom of speech, which are TWO very different things.

“Keeping it 100” my ass.

Unless someone amazing replaces Jon, I have the feeling that my Comedy Channel viewing will be reduced to @midnight, because I’m DONE with the Nightly Show.

Rick Scott issues an order banning the use of the term “climate change,” an order with the force of law, and they want to pretend that this is somehow similar to a social media backlash.

Having people yell at you because they don’t like what you’re saying doesn’t abrogate your free speech. It just proves that speech goes around and everyone gets to participate. If you say something completely insensitive, don’t be surprised if the Twitterverse reams you a new orifice. This IS NOT the same as using the power of government to shut you up. If you think it is, you DON’T UNDERSTAND THE CONSTITUTION.

Liz Winstead was the only one on the show last night who appeared to have a clue. The rest of them? Fucking morons. Including the host. Hell, ESPECIALLY the host.