Guns… again.

Crime in our society–in fact pretty much worldwide–has been steadily decreasing. Particularly violent crime. Some of this is simply because there’s less desperation. People suddenly deprived of a way of living are not deprived of hope. Farmers don’t become bandits after a bad year. Homeless orphans aren’t roaming the streets stealing merely to eat. Not here, anyway.

You compare the life of the average human on Earth in the 21st Century and they’re actually FAR less likely to be killed for their boots than they were in, say, the 14th century.

Yet here in the world’s most prosperous nation we have people who are certain–blind certain–that they’re a minute away from having to preserve their life with a deadly weapon. They wish to carry these weapons everywhere, even though simple logic dictates that it’s unnecessary. Many of us go our whole lives without needing to have a gun on our person to protect us from a relatively rare form of danger.

You know what the best way to avoid danger is? Simply look like you know what you’re doing. Don’t appear lost, confused, distracted, or in any other way a victim.

The vast majority of people get by with these tactics and never have any need of a firearm. Others study the martial arts and gain, through work and discipline, a form of self defense that allows them even more options. These people often gain the ability to recognize a potential threat and project enough confidence that they’re deemed a bad bet.

Predators are predators, regardless of species. Though, the fact is, human predators are pretty much the most cowardly. They will almost never attack a position of strength.

So, yeah, even if you’re carrying a weapon–something the attacker might not know from the start–anything from the point of confrontation forward is on their terms. If they are also armed with a firearm, chances are they’ve already got it out and pointed. At which time your own weapon does nothing at all on your behalf.

If you’re open-carrying it’s even worse.

The vast majority of people who think they should be carrying firearms around probably SHOULDN’T. They don’t need them and are unlikely to ever need them, but if they do it’s at least a safe bet that they failed to avoid danger because they were carrying a gun.

Now this is all completely different than a weapon at home for home protection. Though dogs serve pretty well there too. And because of the short range and potential hazards of neighbors, I recommend either archaic close combat style weapons, or a shotgun. No rifles.

I think these people reveal a very simplistic view of the world, often magnified by Hollywood’s faux glories. The odds say, beyond a doubt, that the chance of an average American being in a confrontation where s/he requires a firearm to get out of it is pretty damn low. Unless, of course, s/he has a firearm. At which point the likelihood of suffering a firearm related death skyrockets.

I have very low odds of being killed with a firearm. That’s just the way it is. Had we a gun in our house, it would rise. Considerably.