Now wait just a goddamn minute…

Last year there were a bunch of stories in the alternate media about the superbowl being a human trafficking mecca, that prostitutes, many of them underage and victims of trafficking, were shipped in from all over the US for the event.

I didn’t notice a single story about it this year. It just occurred to me.

See, I was just thinking about how much better it would be if the feds spent their resources hunting down human traffickers rather than spying on anti-war and similar groups.

They have no business monitoring non-violent activists while there’s armed conspiracy theorists and other wackadoos running around in the first place. But to be completely unable to do anything about human trafficking WITHIN US borders while monitoring most of our communications at the same time?

If they can’t be trusted to allocate their resources where they’ll do the most good, they’re pissing taxpayer money down the drain and spitting on the bodies of all of those eaten up by the trafficking trade. Law enforcement in this country needs to wake the fuck up and get with the program and actually solve REAL fucking crimes, not creating them with elaborate entrapment schemes that turn homeless squatters into “terrorists.”

And, face it, Rand Paul might be a complete douchebag but he’s right about one thing. The War On Drugs has been an expensive failure that’s managed to put the worst drugs imaginable in nearly every single community in America and, even worse, hasn’t even been able to keep drugs out of the hands of people in PRISON.

What it has accomplished, however, is the criminalization and, in many cases, the bestowing of permanent second-class citizenship on people who did NOTHING to harm society in the first place. They’ve all but criminalized being young and black. It can sure as hell get them killed, even if they’re unarmed. And sometimes even by cops.

Hollywood can no longer carry law enforcement’s water. The clearance rate statistics speak for themselves. Their ability to actually pursue criminals who pose a real threat to the lives of other citizens is compromised by their utter lack of priorities.

And as far as the “broken windows” theory goes? Sometimes the “broken windows” are the broken people our justice system leaves in its wake. Broken families, broken children, broken communities, and, maybe worst of all, the broken trust of the people these agencies purport to serve.

It’s time something changed. And I plan to keep yelling until enough people join me that it can no longer be ignored.

One more thing, though. If you think the solution is to point a gun at any government agent or law enforcement officer, do us all a favor and blow off your primary sexual organs so you can never, ever, ever, hope to reproduce. Because your caliber of stupidity should be excised from the human race forever.