About our third warning from Stephen Hawking

So far the man’s warned us about AI (something I’m still not convinced is possible, regardless of theory), alien contact, and now our own aggression.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s one of our greatest challenges. And we ARE getting better. Slowly. As I put it… some people believe we’re sliding into barbarism. Except we never left barbarism. We were born in that hand-basket and some people believe we belong there no matter how hard others work to get us out.

Aggression is natural. Bemoaning it is as useful as bemoaning the fact that gravity sometimes sucks. We would never have evolved into the beings we did if not for our ability to match the hunger and aggression of the other predators with which we competed, or the desperation and aggression of those creatures we hunted. And then, when we saw each other as challengers and trespassers, those that survived were likely the most aggressive.

Personally I’d say our disdain for our natural environment is at least as big a danger as aggression, since it, unlike our propensity for violence, seems to be INcreasing.j

I think the key to dealing with our aggression is learning how to control it, not trying to suppress it. My preferred method was the martial arts–something that’s now denied me. Of course, I’m not really a physical danger to anyone these days, so the point is moot. I went from practicing kung-fu to practicing mind-fu. It’s all I have left.

Did you know that the Marine corps has long advocated taking outside martial arts classes? They’ve found it reduces brawling.

Ironic that one of the ways we can learn to control aggression is to learn controlled forms of violence. But it works. Partly because the kind of skills taught to martial artists come with the responsibility to use them properly. It’s ingrained in most. That’s why you don’t hear that many stories about martial artists going off and beating someone to death–something that’s well within their power.

More people are killed by guns in the hands of toddlers than martial artists going off. And these are people who are steeped in violence.

Something to consider, at least.


Guns… again.

Crime in our society–in fact pretty much worldwide–has been steadily decreasing. Particularly violent crime. Some of this is simply because there’s less desperation. People suddenly deprived of a way of living are not deprived of hope. Farmers don’t become bandits after a bad year. Homeless orphans aren’t roaming the streets stealing merely to eat. Not here, anyway.

You compare the life of the average human on Earth in the 21st Century and they’re actually FAR less likely to be killed for their boots than they were in, say, the 14th century.

Yet here in the world’s most prosperous nation we have people who are certain–blind certain–that they’re a minute away from having to preserve their life with a deadly weapon. They wish to carry these weapons everywhere, even though simple logic dictates that it’s unnecessary. Many of us go our whole lives without needing to have a gun on our person to protect us from a relatively rare form of danger.

You know what the best way to avoid danger is? Simply look like you know what you’re doing. Don’t appear lost, confused, distracted, or in any other way a victim.

The vast majority of people get by with these tactics and never have any need of a firearm. Others study the martial arts and gain, through work and discipline, a form of self defense that allows them even more options. These people often gain the ability to recognize a potential threat and project enough confidence that they’re deemed a bad bet.

Predators are predators, regardless of species. Though, the fact is, human predators are pretty much the most cowardly. They will almost never attack a position of strength.

So, yeah, even if you’re carrying a weapon–something the attacker might not know from the start–anything from the point of confrontation forward is on their terms. If they are also armed with a firearm, chances are they’ve already got it out and pointed. At which time your own weapon does nothing at all on your behalf.

If you’re open-carrying it’s even worse.

The vast majority of people who think they should be carrying firearms around probably SHOULDN’T. They don’t need them and are unlikely to ever need them, but if they do it’s at least a safe bet that they failed to avoid danger because they were carrying a gun.

Now this is all completely different than a weapon at home for home protection. Though dogs serve pretty well there too. And because of the short range and potential hazards of neighbors, I recommend either archaic close combat style weapons, or a shotgun. No rifles.

I think these people reveal a very simplistic view of the world, often magnified by Hollywood’s faux glories. The odds say, beyond a doubt, that the chance of an average American being in a confrontation where s/he requires a firearm to get out of it is pretty damn low. Unless, of course, s/he has a firearm. At which point the likelihood of suffering a firearm related death skyrockets.

I have very low odds of being killed with a firearm. That’s just the way it is. Had we a gun in our house, it would rise. Considerably.

What did you call me?

So… A noted speculative fiction author whose name I choose not to mention at this point has a habit of calling men who stick up for women’s rights SJWs, which is meant as a derisive term “Social Justice Warrior.”

Fact is I can put myself in women’s shoes. Figuratively speaking.  Those torture devices we’ve somehow convinced them to call shoes?  Uh-uh!

I can see through their eyes, at least in glimpses. I can internalize the struggle women have suffered. It’s one of our great injustices and it’s not even as openly acknowledged as our injustices against all our other victims. Men have treated women like shit for a long, long time. And still do. And they have to fight for every goddamn step forward, a micrometer at a time. And men resent them for it and claim victimhood they haven’t earned.

Are you fucking kidding me? Women are oppressing you? Are you fucking high? Should you be? Or did you eat paint chips when you were little?

It’s truly one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard, just barely ahead of “reverse racism.” Just using the term says you don’t even know what the hell racism is in the first place.

Women deserve a FUCK of a lot more respect than they’ve ever gotten from men and that’s just the flat honest truth. Especially in this western culture. You want to know one of the great uncried crimes of Christianity was? The brutal oppression and subjugation of women. Don’t think that wasn’t as brutal as anything that was ever done on a battlefield. Not for a second.

It’s a crime against humanity. And not just half of it. It stunted men. It allowed us–no, it coerced us–enabled us–to justify treating grown women like children, as if they didn’t have the brains gawd gave a sparrow. It robbed us of SO much human potential. Imagine if we’d have embraced the gifts of women so much earlier than we did. Imagine if women didn’t have to pretend to be men to publish books, and didn’t have to toil away in secret as they did things that most men only believed other men could do.


If you want to pretend otherwise I have nothing further to say to you. Go suck a wizened billy goat’s withered testicle. I hope you can’t reproduce.

Papers, please.

I’m not inclined to be gentle with those people who crank up the whine about how undocumented immigrants are such a horrible plague.

I encountered one and gave him this to chew on.

Most of us aren’t descendents of “legal” immigrants. There was no legal or illegal status. You just showed up and were taken in. It’s pretty sad when the child of someone who was passed through the gate with nary a glance stands in privilege and denies the same right to anyone else.

The fact that Mexico is all but a hellhole is OUR fault. I grasp that empathy really isn’t their long suit, but if the situation were reversed the supremely self-absorbed so-called “conservatives” that so hate undocumented immigrants would quite likely run for the border so fast that they’d leave scorch marks across the Rio Grande.

I know damn well that if I’d have been born there, I’d pretty much do whatever it takes to get the hell out and to the promised land of opportunity across the border. The difference is I’m willing to admit it.

If your ancestors came over before 1924, the only thing they might have been required to do was pass a literacy test. That’s IT. Assuming they weren’t Chinese, anyway. Chinese weren’t allowed after 1882. Because racism. Didn’t want them stealing American jobs.

Well, aren’t you lucky to have been born to a family that happened to get in before the gates were slammed shut? Between roughly 1890 and 1920, roughly 4 million Italians were allowed in. No barriers except an innate nativistic racism that all new immigrants were faced with until they were accepted as “white” within a generation or two. We instituted quotas in 1924, allowing 2% of the total population of any nationality that was already here.

The privilege of birth. You happened to be born in America rather than in the Old Country. How nice for you. And me, as it happens, as my ancestors were Irish, who ALSO were treated like dirty foreigners for a couple generations until they integrated.

Eventually the Hispanics will reach that saturation point, but given how much racism they’re facing, I’m wondering how many generations it’ll take before we decide THEY’RE all but white. Of course, they DO have far too much of that dirty Native American blood, so maybe they’ll end up as a permanent underclass like the descendents of our former slaves until there are just too damn many of them to continue doing that.

I mean, what the hell, right? So what if your ancestors got spit on? The glorious thing about America is we get to turn around and do it to the next group to come in.

Fact is, they’re people. And they’re desperate. Just like MY ancestors were when they arrived from Ireland.

Just like the Jews from Eastern Europe fleeing religious persecution also arriving in large numbers; over 2 million entered the United States between 1880 and 1920.

Now wait just a goddamn minute…

Last year there were a bunch of stories in the alternate media about the superbowl being a human trafficking mecca, that prostitutes, many of them underage and victims of trafficking, were shipped in from all over the US for the event.

I didn’t notice a single story about it this year. It just occurred to me.

See, I was just thinking about how much better it would be if the feds spent their resources hunting down human traffickers rather than spying on anti-war and similar groups.

They have no business monitoring non-violent activists while there’s armed conspiracy theorists and other wackadoos running around in the first place. But to be completely unable to do anything about human trafficking WITHIN US borders while monitoring most of our communications at the same time?

If they can’t be trusted to allocate their resources where they’ll do the most good, they’re pissing taxpayer money down the drain and spitting on the bodies of all of those eaten up by the trafficking trade. Law enforcement in this country needs to wake the fuck up and get with the program and actually solve REAL fucking crimes, not creating them with elaborate entrapment schemes that turn homeless squatters into “terrorists.”

And, face it, Rand Paul might be a complete douchebag but he’s right about one thing. The War On Drugs has been an expensive failure that’s managed to put the worst drugs imaginable in nearly every single community in America and, even worse, hasn’t even been able to keep drugs out of the hands of people in PRISON.

What it has accomplished, however, is the criminalization and, in many cases, the bestowing of permanent second-class citizenship on people who did NOTHING to harm society in the first place. They’ve all but criminalized being young and black. It can sure as hell get them killed, even if they’re unarmed. And sometimes even by cops.

Hollywood can no longer carry law enforcement’s water. The clearance rate statistics speak for themselves. Their ability to actually pursue criminals who pose a real threat to the lives of other citizens is compromised by their utter lack of priorities.

And as far as the “broken windows” theory goes? Sometimes the “broken windows” are the broken people our justice system leaves in its wake. Broken families, broken children, broken communities, and, maybe worst of all, the broken trust of the people these agencies purport to serve.

It’s time something changed. And I plan to keep yelling until enough people join me that it can no longer be ignored.

One more thing, though. If you think the solution is to point a gun at any government agent or law enforcement officer, do us all a favor and blow off your primary sexual organs so you can never, ever, ever, hope to reproduce. Because your caliber of stupidity should be excised from the human race forever.