Let’s Play Pretend

What do you think the right wingers would do if they got their wish? If they managed to completely take over the government and implement their plans to turn us to a “Christian” nation? How long do you think it would take before it got just as bad for nonbelievers and gays and other “undesirables” as it is in Russia, or Uganda, or, hell, Nazi Germany?

Judging by how extreme their language could be, what do you think they’d do if they had their way? We know what you get when liberals get their way. You get higher wages, better working conditions, sick leave, healthcare, and a government that actually gives a crap what happens to you.

A government that fights for the rights of ALL people, not just the “chosen ones.”

I can imagine this. Actually, I’m working on imagining this, because it’s the background of my next novel. They don’t get the U.S. Just Texas.

Personally the notion scares the FUCK out of me. And it should. The Handmaid’s Tale was, to me, more frightening than anything Stephen King ever wrote. And I never forgot it.

Don’t fool yourself thinking they’d be all that much kinder than Daesh if they got their way. They hide their savagery behind masks most of the time, but you can see it online. I’ve seen it all. Especially when they get all misogynistic and rapey. And you KNOW they do.

This might SEEM like a rhetorical question, but it’s not. If you have an answer, please feel free to offer it.