It’s pretty simple

This country is supposed to work for all of us, not just the most advantaged and the most fortunate.

Gay people are people and deserve the same chance at happiness and/or misery as the rest of us.

If most “conservatives” had been born in Mexico, they’d be trying to cross the border too.

A gun in the hand of a moron is just as dangerous as a gun in the hand of a criminal.

Diplomacy involves talking to people you don’t know and sometimes conceding things they want to get something YOU want. Gunboat diplomacy only works in certain situations. If you approach every diplomatic situation as if saber-rattling will solve it, you’ll cause more problems that you solve.

If you think poor people don’t pay enough in income taxes, double the starting wage. The problem will solve itself.

The only reason a Congress with a 10% approval rating has a 95% rehire rate is because too many of your friends don’t bother to vote.