My Password? Oh, it’s GOFUCKYOURSELF all in caps.

Listen people, they always come up with a good excuse for the bullshit they promote. “Oh, if we initiate zero tolerance policies in school, it will make your kids safer.” Funny thing. We didn’t have that crap when I was in school and, oddly enough, we weren’t in anywhere near as much danger as the kids are now.

Kids have been expelled for butter knives, and completely fake keychain firearms. Hell, toy guns from ACTION FIGURES.

Or if that’s not enough, how about three strikes? Sounds good on paper. Put the dangerous people away, right? Except what happens when they start throwing people in prison for life for stealing BREAD?

Every time someone proposes a law, there should be a question raised. “HOW MIGHT THIS BE MISUSED? Or “how might this go awry?” We’re punishing kids for trying to defend themselves from bullies, giving them the same punishments.

This Illinois anti-bullying laws where they want to force kids to give their social media passwords to the schools is just another example of fascist bullshit they’re trying to get past us. “Oh, but it’s to protect the kids.”

Where have I heard THAT before?