The Blame Game

Now… Basic Batman lore says the Batman arose in Gotham because the police were too corrupt to do their jobs, so Batman had to do it for them. More or less.

Should I point out that New York City is Gotham and the NYPD is the Gotham City PD? That the model for Gotham came from somewhere? Do I have to?

Is it me, or are the cops acting like bullies–pointing their finger at anyone they think is overly critical of them? The Minneapolis PD tried to railroad their own mayor because she wants to put cameras on them. Cops are pissed at a sports team in their town for daring to wear a tee-shirt that was critical of cops IN ANOTHER PLACE ALTOGETHER. The NYPD disrespected De Blasio for daring to mention aloud what he has to tell his biracial son. Which happens to be the same thing that the police themselves tell people to do to keep from being accidentally killed. “Keep your hands AWAY from your waistband, son.”

Do these people really believe that their best bet here is belligerence? Do they think that hanging an accusation against protesters and critics on such a flimsy arrow as this lone jackass’s supposed reasoning will do them any good in the long run?

I’ve been saying it since it happened. If you’re going to blame Sharpton, Obama, Holder, etc… for this shooting, then we’d best roll back the clock and re-examine what we had to say in the aftermath of the Las Vegas spree killing after two anti-government types left the Bundy Ranch and cruised on up to Sin City, where they ALSO killed two cops, as well as an armed bystander who tried to intercede.

At this point, FOX News and everyone else on their side of the Titanic was shouting how justified everyone was in pointing guns at law enforcement officers. Oh, Bundy and supporters were just exercising his constitutional right to cop an attitude and make threatening gestures at government officials. Oh, wait. That’s not a constitutional right? Could have fooled me.

They were arguing that people could be justified using deadly force against legitimate agents of the law. And two people listened. Went off and tried to start their glorious revolution.

I don’t hear Obama, Sharpton, or anyone else worthy of an ear arguing for killing cops. Or even pointing weapons at them. Obama wants to point cameras at them, which are known to be far less fatal than guns.

It’s not like it’s their first hypocrisy, or even their greatest. It’s a pattern with them and I’m sick of it. These people were associated with a specific right-wing anti-government mindset, the very mindset propagated by FOX News, and yet no one of consequence tried to blame the shootings on THEM.

Enough is enough.