Fuck Apathy

I wish people would stop calling it apathy. It’s not apathy. If they were apathetic, they wouldn’t bitch. It’s disenchantment. It’s disaffection. It’s the belief that no one cares WHAT they think, that the whole thing is kabuki.

Not apathy. Stop calling it that. You’re obfuscating the true problem here. It’s not that people don’t care. It’s that they don’t think they matter. They don’t believe their votes matter. They believe, falsely, that “all politicians are the same,” or that “both parties are the same.”

This is NOT “apathy,” and if they keep calling it that I can only assume that the pundits, politicians, and media people are deliberately misinterpreting the obvious in order to pursue a specific agenda of continuing to disenfranchise these people.

I once read that the Hopi, when introduced to our system of “democracy,” were quite baffled by it. They saw it as incomplete, at best, because they didn’t believe there was anything to be gained by leaving a disaffected minority out of the conversation. They didn’t play by the “winner take all” policy, but the “everyone gets something out of this” policy.

Part of the problem is a lack of effective education. I don’t know what the fuck our schools are doing, but they’re not teaching civics in any way, shape or form. Neither did ours, come to think of it. That’s why most Americans don’t really know shit about the way our government works. They’re not learning it in school, and clearly there’s no reason for the media to want to educate the people.

Of course they’re disenchanted. They’re being manipulated, lied to, stolen from, worked half to death, and distracted by meaningless babble the rest of the time. Those who have the most going for them usually have the most on their plate. And are generally encouraged to take on more.

The one thing our kids need are effective bullshit detectors. They need to be able to recognize bullshit when they hear or see it. And the only way they can do that is if they’re actually taught critical reasoning.

How many of them know they’re missing something vital yet don’t know what it is?

What are we going to do about it?