Dear Sniveling Pissant

AKA Carl Gibson
AKA @USuncutCG

You know what you’re like, friend?  You’re like a lazy, ungrateful spouse.  Or, given your age, more like the lazy, useless teenager you can’t get to move out.  You stood by and watched the kids trash everything and spent your time bitching at the only people trying to clean it up.  Then, when the time comes when it’s your responsibility to weigh in, you sit out and blame the Democrats.

Some thirty years ago or so a group of right wing Christians decided the Republican Party wasn’t doing enough to move their agenda along.  Oh, they played a nice tune, but it was clear to these people that they were merely using the religious sentiments of part of their base to get votes.  They never meant to actually pursue any of these goals.

Well, these right wing Christians decided to infiltrate the Republican Party by toning down their rhetoric and becoming stealth candidates for city council and school board races.  It was in this way that they built a secondary party machinery to challenge the official Republican Party machine.

Here we are thirty years later and they have serious leverage on the business wing of the Republican Party, even though the business wing knows damn well that many of their objectives are downright dangerous.  Doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, they could have done what “progressives” such as yourself have done, Carl.  Try to play politics from the outside which, in the end, we see has accomplished what, exactly?  What did Occupy achieve?  Oh, it changed the conversation a little, but not by much.  We’re getting more mileage out of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders than we’re getting from the ghosts of Occupy at this point.

Oh, waah.  The Democrats weren’t able to attend to your agenda this last few years.  Gee… I wonder if that had anything to do with the campaign of obstruction set against them.  Seriously, dude, reading your “open letter” (if that’s what you want to call that long whine) I was left wondering if you still blame Obama for not being able to close Gitmo.  Despite the fact that every step in that direction was stymied by Republican obstructionism.

See, that’s been my litmus test for the types that “blame Obama first.”  I think he’s fought a good battle, as have many of the Democrats.  Like the Progressive Caucus, roughly 90 progressive members of congress who go to work every day fighting against the kind of reactionary radicalism that defines the modern Republican Party.

You don’t get to sit it out and bitch that they’re not good enough for your vote.  Every single democrat, even a fucking Blue Dog, is one fewer Republican.  They march in lockstep, or haven’t you noticed.  One of the great things about liberals is that we don’t.

Despite people like you who seem to think we should.

Gee… the elected politicians restrained by politics and law are to blame for the fact that you’re a shitty citizen who doesn’t engage in our most important civic duty because you’re “disaffected.”

Fuck you, Carl.  And thanks for all the Republicans.  When they’re stripping another old woman of her healthcare, we’ll be sure to point right at you.  Hope you’re happy.

I’ll repeat something I’ve said many times before.  If “voting your conscience” (this includes not voting) makes it more likely that the vulnerable will suffer, you don’t actually have much of a conscience.  You’re just a self-satisfied, self-righteous, destructive little prick.

Chew on that, asshole.