You’re not an action hero waiting for a chance to happen

The problem isn’t gun owners. The problem is people who can’t separate their fantasy of being an action hero from the reality of the responsibility for the care and ownership of a deadly weapon.

The guy who shot his little brother while watching The Walking Dead (he liked to watch the show with his gun close at hand) shows how intensely this might be tied to a fantasy life. He knew he was in no danger from zombies while watching the show, but the gun made him feel powerful and helped him experience the fantasy of the show.

That’s not good. If you want to feel powerful, watch the Avengers dressed as Thor. But if you cross your fantasy life with your real life deadly weapon, you’re an accident waiting for a place to happen. I don’t want adults out on the street playing James Bond, or James Gordon. I don’t want any wannabe GI Joes or would-be cowboys playing out their fantasies with live weapons and live ammo.