On gamergate.

A thought about “gamergate” and its proceeds. One of the things about video games that makes them so addictive is that they provide a sense of accomplishment for people who might not be allowed many accomplishments in their life. It’s a false sense of accomplishment, but it’s no less real to our brains for all of that. I know exactly what it feels like because beating something like Demon Souls or Dark Souls is pretty damned heady. You are a badass gamer if you can pull that off. (In the interest of full disclosure, I still haven’t beaten Dark Souls, though I have beaten Dark Souls II, it being an easier game overall).

I hate to say it, but the world of video games ISN’T ALL THAT FUCKING IMPORTANT. The fact that reviews might be hedged one way or another by personal involvements is not a life-ending tragedy. Reviews are subjective anyway. And, seriously, if you’re expecting trustworthy reviews from the same mags that are paid to advertise the games, you’re a fucking idiot.

That’s what they say gamergate is about at its core. The legitimacy of gaming magazine’s reviews. Here’s something I learned in the years of video games I have under my belt. Reviews don’t tell me SHIT about whether I’ll like a game. I have to try the game to know. I like a specific feel and visual experience. No other person can tell me if I’ll get that.

This all arose, of course, out of some asshole ex-boyfriend’s charge that his former girlfriend slept around for better reviews. Of a non-commercial game.

Fuck, people are stupid. They turned a blatantly transparent, utterly malicious attack into a cause?

Dumbfucks. No, seriously. Dumbfucks.

I’m an old school gamer. I was a gamer before it involved video or computers. I used to sit around a table with five or six of my favorite people and kill monsters together. We have shared experiences that are unlike anyone else’s in the WORLD. And that’s worth something.

Don’t try to tell ME who is and who isn’t a gamer. I played pong, motherfucker. I dropped quarters into a machine to play donkey kong. As did millions of people, male and female.

You want to be outraged, punks? I can think of things in the real world worth being outraged about. People being threatened with rape and death is pretty real world. Try that on for size.