Dear Bill (Maher)

Why aren’t liberals freaking out about violent islam?

Will it do any good?  Should we join in chorus with the conservatives, who can’t tell the difference between a radical muslim and a moderate one?  The issue is already confused enough, what with us being allied with Saudi Arabia, which is as bad as any of the regimes you’d have us decry.  Should we be cursing at ISIS/ISIL?  I’m tired of the name games there anyway.  I’d just like to call them those “militant dirtbags,” or, maybe, “those jackasses in Iraq.”  (Though that could also refer to what Iraqis laughable refer to as a “government,” come to think of it).

Those dirtbags in question want us riled and not thinking straight.  That’s the best explanation for the brutal things they’ve done, killing innocent people just because they had the power to do so.  Plenty of Imams have declared that to be profane under Islam, but the dirtbags don’t care what they think.  They definitely don’t care what we think, unless that includes pissing us off so we don’t bother think at all.

I’ve been surprised that letter writing campaigns seem to have helped people held by these Islamic regimes, since I would have said that was impossible.  The dirtbags have already proven they won’t negotiate in good faith.

See, one of the problems with Islam is that there’s no centralized authority.  In fact, Islam began to fracture and shard the moment their “prophet” died, with different relatives and what not taking the religion in different directions from each other.  But there’s no pope, no council of Imams that speaks for all of Islam.

So who do we get mad at?  Who do we rail impotently against to earn your favor?

You know what?  Never mind.