Done Brawling

I’m sick of the online brawls.  Tired of spending my time trying to reason with people who won’t reason, then getting angry about their willful ignorance or obvious deceptions.  I hear and read people saying “You need to listen to opposing viewpoints.”  What if those “viewpoints” are ones I’ve heard over and over and over again?  What if I’ve refuted them time and time again and yet still end up fielding them years down the road?  It’s like battling an army of robots programmed with one set of responses.

Sure, every once in a while you run into someone who says something unexpected.  Those people you can often talk to.  But it’s the ones who aren’t thinking about what they’re saying, they’re just repeating what they heard and thinking it speaks on their behalf.  These are the people who try to argue using links.  “See what this person has to say about it.”

Fact is, I don’t CARE what that person has to say about it.  I’m not in a dialogue with him or her.

This isn’t something only encountered on the ideological right, either.  There are those who swallow anything certain “authorities” say on the subject.  Any subject.  Without ever once asking themselves the question–could this person be wrong?

The phone hacking scandal brought a lot of judgement out of the woodwork.  Oh, I know it’s easy to justify.  “If you don’t want naked pictures getting out, don’t take them.”

We’ve decided that people who are maliciously hacked, their privacy invaded, are somehow deserving of less respect than people who go out and get such pictures taken by magazines.  Hell, even look at some of the fashion shoots many of the models and actresses participate in.  I’ll bet they’re sexier in many respects than these personal photos taken in the privacy of their own space.

But we’re condemning them not for taking titillating photos… we’re condemning them for taking them and not sharing.  If they released them to the public there’d be a short-lived scandal, but it would probably not terribly affect many careers.  No more than if they showed their breasts or ass in a movie.

This is one of the recent things that just disgusted me.  There are others.  Ferguson.  That we still have to explain to white people that people of color have a different experience with the police utterly baffles me.

I’m tired of fighting with people who won’t bother to look at anything except from one direction, who will defend that myopic view until the end of time.  Whether it be that they can lay all their troubles on women, or people of color, or liberals, or whatever… or those who believe anarchy and revolution are the only way forward…. or those who don’t understand that our whole electoral system was designed to be a continuing revolution.  The turning of a wheel, not a violent uprising.

But it takes participation.  And I am SICK of people deigning to participate and degrading those who recognize this.  Sick of listening to their lazy arguments about why there’s no difference between the parties.  No, I don’t think the democrats are perfect.  There are things I wished they were better at.  Using our language, for example.  I write better responses to ninety percent of the bullshit that comes out of the right than they do.  And they’re LAWYERS for the most part.