Common Ground

Lately I’ve caught some shit for not “compromising” my beliefs enough to have a “dialogue” with “conservatives.”  First of all, I’ve met so few actual conservatives it’s not funny.  People who want to tear down what exists to replace it with a theoretical “better” America aren’t conservative.  Let’s just establish that right away.

Dialogue doesn’t involve them saying utterly stupid shit and me pretending like it’s an argument.  If they say “Christians aren’t being allowed to practice their religion in this country,” I am not going to nod my head and act as though they’re not out of their fucking minds.  Christians?  In America?

I try to think back to the last time I heard of someone protesting the building of a Christian church.  Or even a Mormon church.  (My own aggravation notwithstanding when they ripped apart an old orchard to build their stupid temple thing in Auburn when I was a teen).  To me and the kids who played in that field and orchard, they stole something ACTUALLY sacred and replaced it with another stupid church building.  But kids don’t pay taxes, now do they?

Well… actually they do.  Sales tax.  Wait.  Kids pay sales tax.  So kids pay taxes.  They get no representation.  Does that mean that sales taxes imposed on children are taxation without representation?  Man, there I go again.  Complicating matters. Can’t I just take things as they are without having to bend around and look at them from other angles?

Actually… no.  Seriously… isn’t that obvious?

I got to say.  When some of these people yell “Why can’t you see it from my perspective, the problem is that I have seen it from their perspective, more or less.  Do gun fetishists actually think that me, a man who spent most of his life practicing the martial arts until his body betrayed him, doesn’t understand what it means to feel vulnerable?  But vulnerable enough to think I need a rifle to go to the grocery store?  Hell, no.  Besides, my cane is enough of a pain in the ass in the car.

Is anyone else sick of being misinterpreted,or actually told what our own motivations are?  “You just want to…”  Uh… fuck you. Don’t put thoughts in my head.  Don’t put words in my mouth.  Sorry, but you can’t accuse me of misconstruing your own behavior or statements.  I’m not “projecting” my motivations on you.  I’m not interested in control.  I’m not trying to divest you of your ability or right to carry deadly weapons.  I just want a few small modifications to this so-called “right.”  Some basic options to prevent as much additional damage as possible.  You know, like universal background checks and waiting periods.  Oh, and, yeah… holding people responsible when their failure to secure their weapon results in injury and/or death.

And there is no way in hell I’m going to stand by and listen to someone try to say that their ability to practice Christianity in this country is under assault.  It’s absurd.  Their ability to drag other people into their mental bullshit might be, but that’s not the same thing at all.