Two more wars? I think not.

So… we’re faced with both a disturbingly organized group of thugs in the Muddle East, not to mention a conflict in which both parties seem to have no problem doing fucked up things to each other and everyone in the neighborhood, and Russia now thinks it’s Germany in the late 1930s.

Hitler could play games of denial because we couldn’t just look over his shoulder and say “Dude… fuck you. We can see what you’re doing on this little map. And, no, it’s not a computer game. Unless you think it’s a computer game from 1985. Then you might be on to something.”

I gotta admit it. Bullshit pisses me off. I’m surrounded by it. Think, motherfuckers, think. Throwing obvious bullshit is downright offensive. You throw bullshit into an argument I tend to get hostile.

Want an example of such bullshit? “Why isn’t Obama doing more about ISIS and Russia?” (We’re ignore, for now, the oddly treacherous notion of admiring Putin’s “leadership” at the same time. You know who else showed that kind of leadership? Pol Pot. Stalin. Saddam Fucking Hussein. They showed THAT kind of leadership).

When our President says we don’t yet have a strategy, they jump on him for not having a strategy. It’s not the President’s job to develop a military strategy. We have any number of people whose job it is, from the National Security Advisor to the Big Brass at the Pentagon. The President’s job is to listen to all the potential strategies and decide which one is the best, considering the advice of all the people whose job it is to advise him on such matters.

So, yeah, the bitching and moaning at Obama is BULLSHIT.

He’s supposed to leap into the fray against both ISIS and Russia without considering both the short and long term consequences of such an action, apparently by pulling a full-blown military strategy out of his ass, as well as trying to come up with a reasonable way to deal with a fascist dictator with dreams of conquest.

OF COURSE the right-wingers like Putin. He’s a fucking facist. Like all such beasts, he’s little more than a jumped-up mobster. He uses law not for justice, but as a weapon. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, yes. A little ray of illumination in the dark. This is one sure sign you’re dealing with a fascist. Something to keep in mind.

I think there’s good reason to tread lightly. I’m not sure we should be taking advice from the people who led us into the last two wars. And, honestly, if we’d wanted someone who’d get us involved in every possible war he could, we would have elected John McCain and Sarah Fucking Palin.

No bullshit.