Politics has six axis. Not two. Not four. Six.

Got to thinking. Our political landscape isn’t a single line, left to right. It’s not a cross either. Nope. It’s a six axis landscape. Three dimensions.

Authoritarianism vs. anti-authoritarianism
social tolerance vs. ideological purity
economic justice vs. free market idealism. 

You can have any combination of one choice from each category. You can be anti-authoritarian and believe in ideological purity (for yourself) and also believe in either economic justice or the free market.

Each of these axis are their own category and a variety of combinations are possible. It may be that not recognizing this third dimension has limited our ability to communicate.

And of course these are all on a spectrum, with different people at different points along it. This complicates things even more.

What do you all think? Does this make sense?