Free Speech

I have a thing about being silenced. It pisses me off. While I often refuse to continue to listen to stupidity, or racism, I can’t remember ever trying to silence a friend on my page. Ever. Of course I can handle my page. No one is silly enough to think otherwise. On the other hand, some people cheer my arrival in an argument on their page, knowing they’re about to watch some right winger get a sound thrashing.

If you’d cheer my arrival on someone else’s page, and the ensuing literary evisceration of a troll, do not think it’s appropriate to tell me that your page is somehow a safe zone, that they should not be treated to the same disregard I show them everywhere else.

Your people are no more sacred than anyone else’s people, your page no more a safe zone than any other. You may ask me to refrain from using certain language. I may do that (assuming everyone else abides by the rule). But outright lies, blatant racism, and willful ignorance offend me. I figure I owe those who exhibit such behavior an offense or two.

I kept my mouth shut most of my life. I watched in silence as people treated me and others like shit. I bit my tongue so hard it drew blood. I’m not doing it any longer. Like me or hate me, I don’t care. I spent too much of my life worrying about it. No more.

But don’t ever tell me to shut up. Don’t ever treat me like I should be seen and not heard. I suffered enough backhands with the reminder as a child to find the suggestion offensive in itself.  If you want me to back off, send me a PM and let me know your reasoning.  Don’t presume to think you can just order my silence  The result will not be the one you expect.  Or, likely, one you’ll enjoy.

If you have an issue with that, it’s likely we will not remain friends. That’s too bad, because you can pretty much say anything you like on my page. As long as you can back it up.  I assume that anyone worth a fuck can defend themselves and their own ideas.  If they can’t, it’s time to pack it up and get the fuck off the internet until they can.

If life was a popularity contest, I lost in the 4th grade kangaroo court I was forced to endure. I just failed to realize I shouldn’t give a shit about it until about three years ago.

That has long since been remedied.

Opinionated? Hell, yeah. With the chops to back it up. Like it or lump it. Again, I don’t care. If you like what I have to say, buy my books. If you don’t, you’re welcome to purchase and burn as many as you like.

If you’re going to stick around, buckle up. This ain’t a kiddy ride.


One thought on “Free Speech

  1. Saje says:


    It could be that I’m simply reaching my bullshit saturation point, at which point I just can’t tolerate any more. It’s one of the reasons I have to walk away from politics from time to time. When in the course of twenty four hours, during a period of time when I feel like shit, suffering through the arguments of people who believe that the term “mansplaining” is somehow offensive to all men, and that to oppose its use is somehow defending half the human race, to people willing to argue that the fact that we have a Batman and a Catwoman rather than a Batwoman and a Catman (reverse gender versions rather than the separate characters they actually are) is an argument for not giving in to the female actors who ask not to be referred to as “Actresses,” I just run out of patience. I’m all out. If it were gasoline I’d have been running on fumes.

    I don’t tend to use the word anyway. It seems weird to have a separate gender word for an actor/actress when we don’t have one for artists, or singers, or writers. None we actually use these days, anyway.

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