Watch where you step, Alice.

Engaging modern Republicans is daring a trip down the rabbit hole into a realm as fantastic as any crafted by Lewis Carroll. Rather than hookah smoking caterpillars, Cheshire cats, and deadly playing cards, we have the Mad Hatter and his Tea Party fanatics trying to craft a world in which Congress changes laws AFTER the fact by forcing a confrontation with the President and holding the country hostage to their whims.

I KNOW these people understand how the law works, how laws work. If not, there’s a nice little video that came out when I was a kid that explains the whole thing. There’s no “Hey, we’re not quite done with that bill we passed.”

Yes. You are. That’s what “passing” means. “We’re done with this. Send it to the President.” Then the President SIGNS it. Making it THE LAW.

This isn’t golf. There’s no mulligans in legislation. Just like there’s no crying in baseball.

We cannot allow a small band of rogue legislators hold up the work of the American people. The government is the extension of the will of the American people, for good or ill. It is being handicapped by a few with radical intent, who seek to change the way the law works and, in so doing, deal lasting damage to the integrity of our Republic.

That’s one rabbit hole I do not intend to enter. I think I’ll just stand here at the top and shout down the hole.

That’s what talking to Republicans usually feels like anyway.