Shutdown Showdown

So it happened.  The federal government was forced to close its doors.  All over the country national parks and monuments are fenced off and angry tourists are waving their fists and looking for a torch and pitchfork store.  Some of our cowardly media is playing the whole “it’s just a bickerfest” bullshit again, as if this wasn’t about the health and security of the citizens of the United States and the desire of some few oligarchs to continue fleecing the unprotected.  As of today, many people will have insurance that did not have it before.  Many of those people might suffer from illnesses that, without proper treatment, could kill them.  What the House Republicans are trying to do is kill these people.  It’s nothing personal, of course.  They’re not deliberate targets.  They’re just unintended consequences.  “Health insurance?  None for you.”  I imagine twirling a handlebar mustache and cackling evilly as he ties the ACA to the railroad tracks along with the would be health insurance customer.

It’s not even “healthcare reform.”  It’s badly needed HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM.  Taken individually, most people approve of the articles of this law.  They seem to object most stridently to the Obama part.  This is not rational public debate, and those who shut down the government and now demand a debate or conversation just to continue doing their jobs are in the wrong.  Most Americans know it.  The longer it goes on, the more Americans it will hurt.

And people need to keep one thing in mind.  The President doesn’t have the power to end it.  He has the power to bend to their will, but is that the kind of President you want?  One that can be bullied so easily?  I don’t think so.