They’re not Nazis

It’s true.  We shouldn’t call Republicans “Nazis.”  They have yet to adopt the same symbolism, gain control of our government, and set about extinguishing the lives of anyone they deem unworthy.

This is an important distinction.

HOWEVER, we can also agree that the right wing would very much like to take over this country, to run it as they see fit.  Of course, we then must wonder what they’d do with that kind of power.  They see everyone but white Christian males as inferior.  This isn’t a matter of opinion.  They state it with both their words and their actions on a regular basis.  Anyone who doesn’t realize this is either not paying attention, or chooses to be willfully ignorant.

So what should we believe they’d do with gays, undocumented workers, feminists, environmentalists, atheists, pagans, and liberals if they gained control of the government?  Do we think they would usher in a new golden age?  No.  We know better.

Would they jail gays?  They jail people at rallies with whom they disagree already.  Given control of the legislatures, the courts, and the executive branch, they could pretty much do anything.  The speed at which something as simple as being liberal could be turned into “giving aid to the enemy” would leave us breathless.

No, they’re not Nazis.  But they’re definitely becoming a fascist party.  And we’d be very, very foolish to ignore that.