The DEA: A bunch of thugs, or a bunch of thugs?

So… several medical marijuana dispensaries were raided in Washington State within the past few days.  The feds have already signaled that they don’t give a damn what the people want, they’ll do whatever they want to anyway.  The DEA regularly lies in testimony about the plant, its uses, and its affects.  They get a great deal of funding for chasing something less dangerous than alcohol, so it’s in their best interests to do everything they can to stop any form of legalization.

For those of you who blame it on Obama, let’s make something perfectly clear.  I think he’s going to be another chickenshit in this regard, and call for legalization once he’s out of office–the same way Bill Clinton did.

He was a pothead in high school, as were most of his closest friends.  They all went off to become very successful people.  In fact, a lot of very successful people smoked pot.  And several still do.

But, frankly, it’s not within Obama’s power to tell the DEA NOT to follow the current law.  It’s just not.  Last year Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to look at passing a law giving protection to medical marijuana, but in a dysfunctional congress, that looks to be impossible.  We need a congress capable of working together.

In the meantime, fuck the DEA.