“I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among men.”


The grounds of this are virtue and talents,” said Thomas Jefferson. I must ask, is it then “elitism” to point out that the sudden flood of racists on-line have a complete lack of one and some serious issues with the other? These high-tech barbarians spreading their bile and venom across the web are proving how powerful racism still is in this country. These are the people who actually feel comfortable saying this stuff out loud. How many out there are NOT? How many keep quiet because they know to speak out could cost them their jobs, or friends and family?

We’d love to believe that racism isn’t alive in well in this country, but let’s be serious. No one with any grasp on reason can think it acceptable that a grown man can follow, harass, and shoot down a young black man for simply crossing public space, doing something he had every right to do. 

TRAYVON was the one for whom “stand your ground” was justified, but because he was young, black, and unarmed, he was the one who died and was then convicted of his own murder.

It’s emboldened that segment of society that’s been lurking in the shadows for so long, that it has. All those folks who’ve deliberately blinded themselves to it can now see it in 3D HD. 

THIS IS WHAT RACISM LOOKS LIKE, FOLKS. It’s about believing that someone else is inferior to you simply because of their ethnicity. This is why I can guarantee you that reverse racism is bullshit. People of color don’t see whites as inferior. They see the racists among us as assholes, and rightfully so, but that doesn’t make whites inferior. They see the blindness with which many of us view the world, not to see how our experience is so different from their own, but that doesn’t mean they think they’re superior because of it. They wonder WHY so many of us are assholes, they don’t blame it on us being white. And that speaks volumes.