Tourist Advisory

Back in 2005, the anti-gun violence, the Brady Campaign, made the national news by passing out informative travel advisories to people visiting Florida. These fliers warned people that Floridians were armed and prone to xenophobic violence.  They were told not to engage Floridians in strident debate or make any movement that might be seen as “aggressive.”

I think that this notion should be revisited.  Florida has no proved itself dangerous, particularly for people of color.  A Black person walking on pavement is now considered armed, and is thus fair game.  Florida’s a big tourist draw.  Maybe it’s time we reminded people that it has a very, very dark side and that sudden death can arrive at any moment–and justice is served raw.

And, yes, this might hurt a lot of people who aren’t responsible.  Maybe they should consider doing something about the “Stand your ground” laws that made this sort of vigilantism not only possible, but tolerable. 


One thought on “Tourist Advisory

  1. I don’t think justice was served raw…. it was served spoiled! Rancid!

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