Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr President:

THIS is why many of us recommended you not turn away from pursuing investigations into the criminal behavior of your predecessor’s administration. Democrats seem to be operating under the misconception that America can’t take the chaos something like that would spawn. Well, given the current circumstances, in which you are being publicly dragged over the coals in pursuit of entirely partisan goals, for things ranging from a military and diplomatic “scandal” that’s really not a scandal at all to an incident with an umbrella and a Marine. You’ve been under attack since you first took the oath. Earlier, actually, and NOTHING you can do will make them stop. There are people out here on the ‘net who say you signed more executive orders in the first 100 days than Bush ever did. (Not true, of course, but it shows how little these people care about the truth).

NOW we’re beginning to see signs of the frustration you must be feeling. You could have prevented a lot of this by merely being proactive. When you first took office you had within your grasp the means to reveal their questionable behavior to an unknowing public, but you didn’t take it. And as a reward they came after you with every single attack dog they have. This is the problem with “looking forward, not back.”

One of my characters has a saying. “Never leave a live enemy behind you.” The reason why should be obvious. No matter how righteous you actually are, no one is so righteous that their back can’t collect knives. And the way the Republicans were and are gleefully sharpening their weapons should give you pause. NOTHING is more important to them than smearing you.

I realize part of your problem has been the hot and cold reactions of some progressives, who seem to think that it’s in your power to solve our problems without bothering to take time to use the restroom, or to eat a meal. “Should be done by lunchtime,” you can imagine them saying.

I’ve had issues with your policies, gawd knows. But I believe that behind those policies stands a very decent man. Who, unfortunately, doesn’ t see the utter desperate rage of his opponents. Or, as you more accurately described them once, his enemies. Because that’s what they are. They will use any method to take you down, no matter the cost to the Republic. Why? Oh, I could hazard a few guesses, as can you.

I find myself hoping that Hilary Clinton steps into your office once you’re finished. If there’s anyone less likely to underestimate them, it’s her. Gawd knows we need someone to take them seriously.