Busy… busy… busy

Sorry I haven’t posted here much.  Trying to get Nyx and Jaz ready to go and up on Amazon was a bit of a trick.  Yeah, I’ve got another novel out.  And a novella.  And yet another book, this one a compilation of political quips and rants.  Me trying to prove I’m indeed influenced by Mark Twain… among others.

I will probably be posting here more often… or, at least, between here and my new Infinity Project blog… you know, about my fiction series.  Consider me the anti-Orson Scott Card.  I haven’t won any awards, I haven’t been picked to write a superman comic, and I’m neither homophobic nor Mormon.  Though one might say I’m Mormophobic.  But I come by it honestly.  Great grandmother was a Mormon missionary on a reservation.  Daughter got pregnant, got married, had the baby, got a divorce or annulment.  My old man was raised like, quite literally, the redheaded step-child.  I’m sure that contributed to why he was so fucked up.