Offended? You should be.

You know why Republicans get away with offending people where Democrats usually end up apologizing? Because they MEAN to offend people. It’s not an accident. With most Democrats it’s unintentional. Thoughtless, sometimes, but rarely deliberately mean. Of course, I don’t mind offending Republicans. I think they deserve to be offended. They’re sure offensive on their own. “Oh, gay people are evil. It’s a choice. They’re going to hell.”

Fuck you. People don’t have to put up that. And if you think you’re more right to be offended by the phrase “fuck you” as folks who are being told they are evil, or should be a second class citizen, you’re an asshole.

“Liberals are Marxist Socialist Nazis.” You forgot to add “Penguin Hopscotch Rubicon” to your list of random words there. Words have meanings. REAL meanings. Not just some arbitrary “close to” definition either. Words are neither horseshoes nor hand grenades. You can’t just slap a word on something and expect it to stick. Communism and socialism are two very separate ideologies, and Nazism yet another. The minute you try to modify one term with even one of the others you instantly reveal yourself to be as ignorant as as dog trying to discuss table manners.

And we already know austerity and trickle down are bullshit. If the past 30 years have taught us anything it’s that “conservative” economics don’t work. Because that’s the whole mantra we’ve been following since Reagan. We actually tried that back in the days of the industrial revolution. It sucked donkey balls. And it’s unsustainable. Eventually it becomes top-heavy and falls over because the base isn’t broad enough to support it.