Police Allegedly Assault Black Kid Carrying A Puppy For Looking At Them Wrong | ThinkProgress

Police Allegedly Assault Black Kid Carrying A Puppy For Looking At Them Wrong | ThinkProgress.


I am SO sick of this crap.  If anyone else attacked someone because they looked at us wrong we’d be going to jail.  The cops will likely get off without anything at all beyond (at best) a verbal warning.  Even that’s unlikely, given what I understand about the police.

If we give a person a badge and a gun, we expect them to act like professionals, not professional thugs.  They’re not out there to “fly the flag” for their uniform, they’re out there to serve and protect.  Which does NOT include attacking children with puppies.

Pathetic bullies with badges need to knock it the fuck off.


Abercrombie And Fitch Announces Plummeting Sales Amid CEO Controversy

Abercrombie And Fitch Announces Plummeting Sales Amid CEO Controversy.


Not feeling so high and mighty now, are you?  People do indeed speak with their wallets, and they communicate this desire in real time through social media.  Some have called it bullying.  Well, considering that these are often the people who talk about the market being responsive and responsible to the people… here you go.  This is what it looks like.  Huh.  More liberal than you thought it would be, isn’t it?

Get used to it.  That’s what the future looks like.

Sucks to be you.

A typical FOX News report:

A typical FOX News report:

Innuendo, false information, misquote, gratuitous short skirt camera shot, misquote, wild extrapolation, slander, obfuscation, misdirection, blatant lie, false witnessing, mistaken identity, specious bullshit, willful ignorance, absurd speculation, an example of true scientific ignorance, three bitter falsehoods in a row, cleavage, sly misdirection, protestations of moral superiority, idiotic suggestion, mindless unanimous agreement, perverse shot in the dark, general hilarity, insult to Obama, insult to liberals, confirmation bias, pure gun nut fantasy scenario, explosively stupid chest-beating display, self-congratulatory mention of god. End program.

The Real Deal

    • A little history.
      The Reagan administration sold weapons to the very people who’d held our people hostage, (Iran), thus supplying BOTH sides in the same war, (gee, that’s lucrative, isn’t it?)  Iran vs. Iraq, in case you weren’t aware.  Then they used the money to help train what some call death squads in South and Central America.  And you know how we knew Saddam had WMDs?  Well, we’d sold him some back in the 80s.  Maybe we figured he had some left.  It doesn’t look like he did, does it?  And I think the whole “Oh, they sent them to Syria” notion is wiped away by the fact that we’d probably KNOW by now if they had any WMDs.
      Clinton took office and, rather than chasing after the phantoms raised by the previous administration, let bygones be bygones.  There were SO many investigations they could have launched.  In the end it all fell on the shoulders of Colonel Oliver North, who went to jail for his crimes.  Now he’s a successful right wing radio guy.  It’s not like treating with our enemies is really illegal.  Not like leaking documents to some neutral third party who plans to distribute them for free.  THAT’S really bad.  Making deals with enemies and supplying two sides of the same war?  That’s not a big deal at all.
      Funny thing that the people who claim to be such loyal Americans are the ones who seem to be okay with treasonous activities.  I mean, directly treasonous.  Knowingly breaking an oath and violating the law.  As long as it’s one of their guys anyway.  He gets out of jail he gets a radio show.  He gets to guest on Fox News.  He’s an expert.
      Sean Hannity:  “Hey, we’re going to accuse the President of treason.  You know all about that, Ollie.  Why don’t you give your opinion?  Is what Obama’s doing actually treason like some people (us) are saying?”
      “Ha ha.  Very funny, Sean.  You know what I did wasn’t treason, because we say it isn’t treason.”
      “Well, of course.  We’d know treason if we saw it.  And Obama’s treasonous, right?”
      “Yes, sir.  A regular Benjamin Arnold.”
      “Don’t you mean Benedict?”
      “Whatever.”But I digress.  So Clinton was elected after Bush Sr.  He was attacked from the right for being a “draft dodger” (which says a lot about the country’s feelings about that whole affair).  The economy boomed, primarily because a brand new technology turned out to be a major hit, with potential the likes of which hadn’t been seen in quite a while.  Probably not since the harnessing of electricity had such a powerful force been unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

      And we all suffered for it.  When that crashed it through us into a recession.  Neither the boom nor the recession belong exclusively to Clinton, though.  Clinton had other things to worry about as well.  He was attacked from almost day one, accused of outlandish things from the beginning.  As was his wife, our most recent Secretary of State. Accused of fraud and murder, among other things.  Yet despite spending over a hundred million dollars, the only thing they were ever able to get evidence about was an illicit sexual encounter.  How… common.
      That, my friends, counts as the world’s most expensive blowjob.  Clinton got the treat, we got the bill.  And for what?
      A so-called “liberal” media that had more or less blown of the whole Iran-Contra scandal–and scandal it was–jumped on this as if it was the worst sin a President had ever committed in office.
      And then we selected George W. Bush.  Dubya.  Little Boots.  All hat and no cattle.  Junior.  He was a truly shitty President in every sense of the word.  He had no diplomatic skills, he had no tactical skills, he had no intellectual skills.  Yet somehow we let him and his cabal talk us into not one, but TWO wars.  Those who attacked us were primarily Saudis.  So we invade Afghanistan.  NO ONE invades Afghanistan and leaves with a smile.  In the history of the world, ever.  It is where empires go to die.  And we let this idiot talk us into attacking the damn country that practically brought the Soviet Union to its knees.
      Oh, the media was lovely.  The terrorist attack was SO extreme, everyone was screaming “we can’t let them get away with this!”  The right had never forgiven Clinton for being unwilling to swing the whole military as a club against our enemies.  Clinton was a tactical thinker–or listened to the advisers that were.  Allowing the police to chase down the original WTC bomber was the right move. We do have agencies for that sort of thing, agencies that weren’t necessarily prone to thinking of military solutions.  Clinton treated that bomber like a criminal, not a military aggressor.  And he was pursued, caught, and tried like a criminal.  Case closed.
      But they didn’t like that.  It didn’t give them the chance to use any of their newer toys.  They had a taste of it during Desert Storm a few years earlier and they wanted more.  “We’ve got the toys, we’ve got the boys.  Let’s go kick some ass!”
      But they were disappointed.
      I was working a graveyard shift on 9/11.  I got off work at 6 am, I believe, and we heard murmurings in the warehouse before we left, but it wasn’t until I got in my car that I realized what had happened.
      By the time I got home, about half an hour later, my thoughts had turned to “well, isn’t this convenient?”  I actually gave Bush the benefit of the doubt at first.  That didn’t last long.  I actually more or less agreed with the “treat them like criminals” idea.  The thing about investigating is that you can actually learn what happened, how it happened, and how to prevent if from happening again.  You can target the people responsible and take THEM out.  Invading Afghanistan just LOOKING for Bin Laden was stupid.  But it gave the military brass the chance to play with their toys and the rich arms manufacturers a chance to cash in.
      And then there was Iraq.  Ah, what a fundamental act of stupidity.  WMDs that were gone a decade earlier used as an excuse to invade a country that wasn’t even a threat–thus opening up a two front war against a IDEA.  Which is, again, stupid.
      Now the Republicans are doing it again.  They’ve been unable to catch Obama at ANYTHING at all, so they’re inventing things out of whole cloth with which to pursue him.  They commit the crimes, the great sins, and throw accusation after accusation at those who follow behind trying to clean up their messes.
      I know some people will see it differently.  What I don’t understand is HOW.

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr President:

THIS is why many of us recommended you not turn away from pursuing investigations into the criminal behavior of your predecessor’s administration. Democrats seem to be operating under the misconception that America can’t take the chaos something like that would spawn. Well, given the current circumstances, in which you are being publicly dragged over the coals in pursuit of entirely partisan goals, for things ranging from a military and diplomatic “scandal” that’s really not a scandal at all to an incident with an umbrella and a Marine. You’ve been under attack since you first took the oath. Earlier, actually, and NOTHING you can do will make them stop. There are people out here on the ‘net who say you signed more executive orders in the first 100 days than Bush ever did. (Not true, of course, but it shows how little these people care about the truth).

NOW we’re beginning to see signs of the frustration you must be feeling. You could have prevented a lot of this by merely being proactive. When you first took office you had within your grasp the means to reveal their questionable behavior to an unknowing public, but you didn’t take it. And as a reward they came after you with every single attack dog they have. This is the problem with “looking forward, not back.”

One of my characters has a saying. “Never leave a live enemy behind you.” The reason why should be obvious. No matter how righteous you actually are, no one is so righteous that their back can’t collect knives. And the way the Republicans were and are gleefully sharpening their weapons should give you pause. NOTHING is more important to them than smearing you.

I realize part of your problem has been the hot and cold reactions of some progressives, who seem to think that it’s in your power to solve our problems without bothering to take time to use the restroom, or to eat a meal. “Should be done by lunchtime,” you can imagine them saying.

I’ve had issues with your policies, gawd knows. But I believe that behind those policies stands a very decent man. Who, unfortunately, doesn’ t see the utter desperate rage of his opponents. Or, as you more accurately described them once, his enemies. Because that’s what they are. They will use any method to take you down, no matter the cost to the Republic. Why? Oh, I could hazard a few guesses, as can you.

I find myself hoping that Hilary Clinton steps into your office once you’re finished. If there’s anyone less likely to underestimate them, it’s her. Gawd knows we need someone to take them seriously.

Dear Facebook

You allow people to spread lies about our President, advocate dog-fighting, smear gay people by comparing them to pedophiles, post overtly racist memes, but block me for 12 hours for telling some right winger to pull his head out of his ass.  It’s not as though your rules are completely arbitrary or anything, is it?  Or maybe it’s that you’re now just another reich wing site owned by a rich Republican asshole.

I don’t know and, what’s more, I don’t care.  This marks the beginning of my transition to Google Plus and the beginning of my war on Facebook.  It’s not as though I followed this asshole around and harassed him.  I just gave him my perfectly reasonable opinion, to which he could have responded using his own questionable language skills, or simply blocked me.  Instead, like the fucking coward he is, he reported me.  And then YOU responded by blocking me.  I don’t like being silenced, and I don’t appreciate your high-handed bullshit.  In 12 hours I will begin by informing my fans and followers that I’m starting the move to Google Plus.  Your treatment of your users has grown increasingly shitty and this was the motivation I needed to put you in my rearview mirror much as I did Myspace.  (Though for a different reason entirely).

Okay, to be fair I am often caustic.  But nothing I can say, up to and including “go fuck yourself,” can be nearly as offensive as some of the crap the Republicans say on a regular basis.  The ignorance that spews from their mouths and fingers should offend any thinking person.  I’ve said MUCH worse things than “pull your head out of your ass.”  The lying right wing trolls engage in libel 24/7 and you couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

Since I automatically share these through my FB, and that account is currently disabled for the crime of telling someone to get his head out of his ass (seriously?) I’m not going to post this until my account goes live so people know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s my Google Plus account.  All my friends from FB are more than welcome to add me there.  I really recommend making the leap yourselves.  You know you will in time anyway, given that Facebook is using the money they make by selling your personal information to corporations to do things like fund pro-Keystone ads.  They now make you pay to reach out to your friends and followers.  It’s only a matter of time before Facebook goes the way Myspace did.

And, as I did with Facebook, I’m heading out before the fall.  Why?  Because clearly I don’t like what they’re doing or how they’re doing it.  I’m not going to give them money just so people who friend or follow me can actually see what I post.

The funny thing is that being restricted from reading is what turned me into a writer.  Being restricted from Facebook sent me to Google Plus.  I’m rather big on quick left turns when necessary.  “Oh, you don’t want me to read?  Fine.  I’ll write.”  “Oh, you don’t like what I post here?  Okay.  I’ll go post somewhere else.”  And not Twitter, because Twitter just isn’t set up to deal with anything more complicated than what you ate for lunch–or, apparently, for celebrities to snark at each other.  Yay.  Sign me up.

I’m also not going to deal with a “social networking” site that penalizes people for actually trying to network.  Why the hell should I?  Why should anyone?  C’mon, folks, Facebook is busy sawing away at the links holding people to the site.  One by one those links are going to come free.

It might take me a while to bring people over, but I’m on a mission now.  And the people who know me best understands what that means.  If you already follow and/or friend me here, why not try out Google+?  What have you got to lose other than the constant aggravation of knowing that Zuckerberg is playing you for a Suckerberg?

C’mon in, the water’s fine.  


On a final note?  Zuck you, Fuckerberg.


So, after several years of telling it like I see it, Facebook blocked me for telling someone to pull his head out of his ass.  Whiny assholes ruin everything.  If you can’t deal with someone calling you an asshat, maybe you should do something about it that doesn’t involve whining to the authorities.

I block people who I can’t deal with, I don’t snivel to the owners.  Leave it to a right wing fuckstick to bitch and moan.

So here’s the beginning of my slow transition to Google Plus.