Sarcasm’s “Not a Person” Edition

Daily Kos: A fetus is not a person if it costs us money, says Catholic Church.


An already dead fetus is not a person.  Only a potential human is a person, despite the fact some 50% or so don’t make it to term, or even to the point anyone knows they existed in the first place.  That stumble, fall down the stairs, accidental misstep that sends the mother-to-be careening into something at belly level?  God’s work.  God’s the ultimate abortion doctor, don’t you know?  Thousands a day.

Let’s set aside the passage in the bible that tells a man how and where to get an abortifact draught, just in case he suspects his wife may be carrying some other man’s child.  Yup.  Not even the woman’s choice… her HUSBAND’s.

Everyone knows the bible treats women much the same as children, unable to make decisions or choose wisely if they do.  I suppose it’s easy to buy into its teachings if you can pick and choose and aren’t FORCED to take it all at face value.

Of course, at that point one has to ask what the hell the point is, then?  If the bible isn’t true, then what is it?  A book of stories.  Conflicting stories?  The description of a mad god and his sane son?  How right were the Gnostics?

Right enough, I imagine.  As right as any sect of Christianity, as far as that goes.  Which is to say, in my mind, not very.  It’s difficult to believe in a just God and read the Old Testament.  That deity was a psycho.

Jesus is okay, but his old man has issues.