Sarcasm’s “Ho-down mow-down showdown” Edition.

Private sales at gun show on hold after three hurt in accidental shooting ::

I don’t think I like their idea of a party.  To me a party involves good people, good booze, and good times.  Usually deadly weapons are not included in the festivities, though there were some… irresponsible… moments when I was a teenager that… well, never you mind.

That was back before I realized how deadly a weapon a simple stick might be.

These “gun shows,” these patriot parties featuring people for whom guns are fetishized to the point of sexual sublimation, toughness and masculinity is somehow bestowed upon these artifacts of steel.  Much as a martial artist, fantasy, or LARPer might enjoy the weight of a sword in his or her hands,

One primary difference?  Few of those people take up a weapon and imagine having to use it in order to protect their lives.  They understand the difference between theory and reality, and theory and practice.

We really don’t know where you folks stand, but it’s nowhere we want to be.