Sarcasm: Wounded Ego Edition

Matthew Hagee: Massacre at Wounded Knee Shows Dangers of Gun Control | Right Wing Watch.

If the Natives had have had guns… unless I’m mistaken, selling guns to Natives was illegal, and where it wasn’t exactly illegal, it wasn’t looked upon with a great deal of favor.  So, basically, had the Natives invented gunpowder, or, subsequently, invented firearms, then maybe we white folks wouldn’t have been able to tell them that our great Sky Father thinks they’re a bunch of pagan sinners and then take all their shit.

I wholly approve of casinos, at least in their hands.  Why not use our vices to take back what our vices, suitably introduced to the native population, helped us steal in the first place?  Tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.  Sounds like poetic justice to me.

I’m sorry, but having this debate with Right Wing wackadoos is like having a snowball fight with a monkey.  It may start with a punch of soft-pawed balls of snow, but at some point excrement will fly.  Indians?  Really?

Seriously, man, what the fuck is wrong with you?