And yet another blog. I intend to do something different with this blog than the ones before it, given that being currently in a disabled state I have a far more flexible schedule than I did before. Wearing shoes hurts, so I try to leave the house as little as possible… generally to the doctor’s office and back again.

In this blog I figure I’m going to post certain subjects on certain days, or as close to that as possible. Let’s say two times a week to start, and more a week once I’ve a better handle on what’s going on with my health.

And these scheduled posts will be in addition to any response I may have to a political or social event, or something I’ve spotted on the internet and already shared on Facebook.

I’d say expect a review–book, movie, tv, or game review–every weekend by Midnight Sunday night.

Let’s make the second night Tuesday night for the time being. Until further notice. No later than Wednesday midnight, for a little wiggle room. This one will be, at least early on, just a thought or two about the previous week’s news, maybe a little about how the week has gone for my household and family, and any info on any upcoming writing projects, etc.

These are the opinions of a curmudgeon in training. Saje Williams:   Fantasy author, political and social commentator, humorist, oddball philosopher, chronic pain sufferer, and semi-professional smartass.

I respect people and ideas, not personalities and ideologies.

If you disagree with me and can argue the point in your own words, using your own chains of reason without relying on someone else’s talking points, then you’re welcome to try.  People have succeeded in the past.  Don’t ever assume I won’t catch a lie, or fail to call someone on it.  I have a very sensitive bullshit detector… and it’s wired into some sizable loudspeakers.

Thanks to the largess of WordPress, This blog is mine and my rules apply as well.  I have no tolerance for sexism, racism, barbarism, cannibalism, or vampirism practiced on my blog.  Take that deviant shit somewhere else.  References to our President as “O’bummer” or “O’Bomber” will get a person blocked.  Adult commentary is expected, and unremarkable, as long as everyone is willing to remain respectful.  Anyone who steps across that line is highly likely to suffer my literary wrath, after which he or she will be cast into the greater void to wander the rest of the internet for an entirely miserable lifetime.

Seriously.  Don’t try to bullshit me or anyone who posts here in response to my stuff.  Just don’t.  If I don’t call you on it, any one of my friends will do it.

I’m considering adding a new feature to my blog.  Advice.  Just simple stuff.  An advice column of a sort.  Saje’s corner.  I ask you all to respect the boundaries of good taste and civility in this regard as well.  Feel free to ask for my discretion and I will happily respond obliquely, but let’s keep it more or less polite society acceptable, eh?

I’m not a lawyer, or a doctor, a psychologist, or anything beyond an opinionated, well-read, observant, and thoughtful fellow who’s been happily married for nearly twelve years to an intelligent, forthright, talented woman of unequaled spirit and resolve.  I know something about relationships, I know something about kids, I know something about dogs–oh, hell, I know a lot about dogs… and cats, to some extent.  Liberal politics are a particular passion of mine.  I’m also a fan of several television shows, including many SF shows past and present, Joss Whedon, Action/Adventure games for the PS3 and PC,

In other words, I’m not giving anyone legal or medical advice.  See a doctor or lawyer.  But for anything from a problem with a dog to a school history paper, from the kids’ homework issues to ‘my husband doesn’t help out around the house enough.’  Let’s see if I can help you out, or point in in a direction that might be of benefit.  I’m an amazing researcher, a fact to which many people can attest.

I’m fascinated by the human mind, human society, religions, politics, cultural issues, feminism, and intelligence, in humans and in animals.  My wife and I have a small menagerie of dogs and cats.  She makes jewelry and works in high level customer service/sales, I do the writing thing and, up until recently, was doing the retail thing.  If my feet quit objecting, I’ll go back to it.  Thing is, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.


Please behave.  Otherwise I have to unleash the ferocious foo dog, Kharma.  Or, as he’s sometimes known, Captain Fuzzybutt.

I will eat your face!

And yet another…


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  1. Glad to see this new blog up, I look forward to occasionally joining in and seeing what the latest is.

  2. Saje says:

    Hope to see more responses from you two… and anyone else who happens by.

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